Wayne Selden is currently rated as a 1st round pick (22nd DX, 21st ESPN) and I’m not sure why.  He was the 13th RSCI recruit in his freshman class, which is a range that yields more busts than players who go on to have long NBA careers.  The early signs have been indicating that Selden is a bust as he has not performed well for Kansas, and his stock has not dropped nearly as much as it should have.  One of his greatest flaws is turnovers.  Here are 4 of his 5 turnovers that he committed vs Oklahoma State, where he seemed to have particular trouble with their full court press:

Sure he’s only 19 and still has plenty of time to pull his act together and carve out an NBA career, but until he at least proves to be useful as a college player I don’t think he merits much discussion as a draft prospect.