I am an avid NBA and NCAA basketball watcher, and enjoy offering unique analysis on the NBA draft where the two worlds intersect.


11 thoughts on “About”

  1. ChristianW said:

    Question: how many potential all-stars/HOFers in this year’s draft?

    • Slippery question. So many people can become all-stars if they develop well enough. Even wrt HoF plenty of people can get there at least 1% of the time. And honestly I rarely think through the AS/HoF lens since it’s based on somebody else’s imprecise opinion, and getting on their level takes extra mental energy.

  2. hey enjoyed the blog~

    you should enter this: http://www.nba.com/kings/draft-3.0

  3. Do up have a twitter? Loved the articles. Just trying to figure out who you are

  4. Enjoyed your blog – you have a good eye for the game and you have developed a unique voice as a writer. If you are interested in writing professionally, shoot me an e-mail. I may have an opportunity for you.

  5. ChristianW said:

    Hey man. When are you posting your big board and early mock – we’re halfway into the season already….:)

  6. Isaac Cheifetz said:

    I know this isn’t how you make your living (blogging), but will you be posting soon on the 2016 draft?

  7. Craig Beckerman said:

    I was wondering can you tell me why skal isn’t seeing more minutes and what you think his ceiling is? I think with what he’s shown so far if he got more minutes he might be in the running for rookie of the year. I see a high motor hood offensive rebounder and someone who can make jumpshots

    • He still has really bad basketball instincts so he’s a bit of a longshot to become good. But you’d think Sacto should give him a closer look since they used a first rounder and he has shown some potential in limited minutes so far this year. Who knows why the Kings do anything that they do.

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