I am an avid NBA and NCAA basketball watcher, and enjoy offering unique analysis on the NBA draft where the two worlds intersect.

18 thoughts on “About”

  1. ChristianW said:

    Question: how many potential all-stars/HOFers in this year’s draft?

    • Slippery question. So many people can become all-stars if they develop well enough. Even wrt HoF plenty of people can get there at least 1% of the time. And honestly I rarely think through the AS/HoF lens since it’s based on somebody else’s imprecise opinion, and getting on their level takes extra mental energy.

  2. hey enjoyed the blog~

    you should enter this: http://www.nba.com/kings/draft-3.0

  3. Do up have a twitter? Loved the articles. Just trying to figure out who you are

  4. Enjoyed your blog – you have a good eye for the game and you have developed a unique voice as a writer. If you are interested in writing professionally, shoot me an e-mail. I may have an opportunity for you.

  5. ChristianW said:

    Hey man. When are you posting your big board and early mock – we’re halfway into the season already….:)

  6. Isaac Cheifetz said:

    I know this isn’t how you make your living (blogging), but will you be posting soon on the 2016 draft?

  7. Craig Beckerman said:

    I was wondering can you tell me why skal isn’t seeing more minutes and what you think his ceiling is? I think with what he’s shown so far if he got more minutes he might be in the running for rookie of the year. I see a high motor hood offensive rebounder and someone who can make jumpshots

    • He still has really bad basketball instincts so he’s a bit of a longshot to become good. But you’d think Sacto should give him a closer look since they used a first rounder and he has shown some potential in limited minutes so far this year. Who knows why the Kings do anything that they do.

  8. hey, where in greece is your family from? my grandma’s side is demakis – was curious if we were cousins. tried to dm u on Twitter (@dm1524) but u don’t accept dms from people u don’t follow. also big nba fan (how i stumbled on ur content)

  9. Absolutely love your analysis. It’s truly excellent. I’m a fantasy hoops guy. 30 team startup dynasty tomorrow afternoon. Looking to start young and build. Should I go with Cunningham or Mobley? Leaning Mobley based upon his analytics but could you give a little further opinion on the two? Thank you!!

    • Hey just saw this but I really hope you took Mobley! He is the easy pick, was much better college player and is the better athlete.

      For fantasy I would also try to get Sengun. Sengun is going to be a fantasy beast.

  10. Your analysis is incredible. When is your 2022 big board coming out?

    • Thanks.

      I’m not sure. I am working through it. Right now I don’t have many clear opinions past the first half of round 1, so I don’t feel like my rankings are currently all that accurate.

      My current flow is to share ideas as they come.

  11. Frances said:

    Your hit rate is incredible compared to all the big name media outlets and NBA scouts. I’m truly astounded at how accurately you predicted & analyzed some really controversial picks over the years, going well against the prevailing narrative and being proven right. It’s a surprise that some NBA team hasn’t hired you to scout for them at this point. You even had Jokic ranked higher (much higher) than every single analyst and big board I’ve seen, which in itself would have been worth hundreds of millions of dollars to any team that followed your advice. Keep up the outstanding work.

    • Thanks for the compliment, I appreciate it!

      To be honest it hasn’t been my priority to get hired for a scouting job. This is more of a hobby for me than anything, and I don’t really have the ambition to start from a scouting position and slowly work my way up through an organization dealing with office politics and whatnot.

      I wouldn’t mind working for a team if I had full control from day 1 but it does not seem like anybody is in a rush to offer me that.

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