McDaniels guarding Hood
0:04 Hood drives on KJ. Help is there, KJ is there, Hood attempts the layup anyway and gets blocked. Bad decision by Hood.
0:08 Hood sets a screen and then receives a screen that slows down KJ. Hood gets a wide open jumper and misses.
0:14 Hood gets a screen at the top of the key. KJ goes under and his teammate switches but Hood rolls in the 3 point shot.
0:21 KJ fights around a screen to contest a Hood 3 pointer that is made. Excellent defense by KJ, impressive shot by Hood.
0:27 Hood drives into KJ but cannot get past him, so instead steps back and misses a 3 pointer.
0:40 KJ gets screened, 6’10 Landry Nnoko switches onto Hood, and Hood nicely hits a short jumper over the big man’s outstretched arms.
0:46 KJ begins guarding point guard Quinn Cook. First he denies Cook the ball, then on a second attempt Cook receives it. KJ fights around a screen to stay with him, and cuts off his drive. Then he helps on Hood’s shot attempt, and even though he bites on the pump fake he reaches his other hand back to contest and Hood misses. Excellent effort by KJ.
1:07 Hood tries to drive on KJ but simply can’t get past him and has to pull up for a contested hook shot and misses. More great defense by KJ.
1:20 Hood catches ball behind the arc, KJ closes out nicely and Hood rushes his move and loses control of the ball. To Hood’s credit, he hustles to save the ball to Jabari Parker for a good look from 3 that misses.
1:30 Hood begins to drive on KJ but by now he has discovered he can’t get past him and swings it back to Cook

Hood guarding McDaniels
1:39 KJ drives on Hood and pulls up. Hood keeps going way too far and gives KJ several feet of space. KJ makes the short, open jumper.
1:45 Hood stands too close to KJ and KJ blows by him for a layup and a foul.
2:04 KJ drives on Hood, and Hood does a decent job of staying in front of him but gets called for a foul.  KJ gets free throws.
2:09 Hood gets screened and KJ pulls up and bricks a long 2 as Jabari Parker contests on the switch.
2:14 KJ catches Hood ball watching, cuts to the hoop, gets a nice feed, and finishes.

Hood Other Offense
2:27 Hood drives into Ibrahim Djambo and finishes through the contact for a basket and foul.
2:34 Hood hits a catch and shoot 3 pointer.
2:39 Damarcus Harrison dares the lefty Hood to go right, Hood obliges by blowing by him for a dunk.
2:47 Hood drives on Jaron Blossomgame and pulls up and hits the short jumper

McDaniels Other Defense
3:04 KJ switches onto PG Quinn Cook, Cook blows by him and dishes to a cutting Jabari Parker for an easy dunk.
3:12 KJ shows quick hands to poke away a pass for a steal that officially gets credited to Jaron Blossomgame who caught the tip.
3:18 KJ cuts off Cook’s baseline drive on the switch, which forces Cook to make a tough behind the back pass to Amile Jefferson who gets fouled for FT’s.
3:27 KJ unsuccessfully crashes the offensive boards, but still gets back to block the transition layup attempt by Cook.
3:37 KJ helps on a Jabari Parker drive to block the shot. He shows excellent timing as he waits until Parker is committed to the layup and then explodes to the rim.
3:44 KJ matches up on guard Rasheed Sulaimon who drives to the rim, but KJ hangs with him and uses his size advantage and timing to block his layup attempt.

McDaniels Other Offense
3:55 KJ blows by Andre Dawkins (who may be Duke’s only worse defensive player than Hood) for an easy layup.
4:01 KJ cannot get by Rasheed Sulaimon, but is able to pull up and shoot over him and hit the short jumper.
4:10 Once again KJ cannot get by Sulaimon but is bailed out with a borderline foul call and gets free throws.
4:19 KJ hits a catch and shoot 3 pointer.
4:24 KJ blows by point guard Tyler Thornton for a layup and a foul.
4:31 KJ caps off Clemson’s victory with an explosive tip dunk.