So before the draft happens, I wanted to publish my rankings 1-30 of each front office based on how well I anticipate they will draft. I base this on a number of factors outside of historical draft record, and frankly I’m straight up guessing at a number of junctures here. I’m sure many will have questions and objections, but the main point is that this will be a possibly fun reference to compare notes after the draft and I just want to get this on the record ahead of time.

1. San Antonio
2. Philadelphia
3. Houston
4. Boston
5. Oklahoma City
6. Atlanta
7. Toronto
8. Phoenix
9. Indiana
10. Detroit
11. Utah
12. Portland
13. Memphis
14. Dallas
15. Orlando
16. Washington
17. Milwaukee
18. Chicago
19. Miami
20. Golden State
21. LA Clippers
22. Denver
23. Sacramento
24. LA Lakers
25. Cleveland
26. New Orleans
27. Charlotte
28. New York
29. Minnesota
30. Brooklyn